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Matches 501 to 550 of 639

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501 ref Mar 1953 aged 78 Coventry, England 9C 1025 Vernon OLIVER
502 Census 1841,1851 - possibly married Ann Campbell 18 JUL 1863 Manchester, England Cath Vernon Liversage OLIVER
503 Census 1851,1891 William OLIVER
504 No:- 396
1. When and Where born:- 27 Mar 1874 - 109 Duncombe Street, Grimsby
2. Name if any:- James William OSBORN
3. Sex:- Boy
4. Name and surname of father:- James OSBORN
5. Name, surname and maiden surname of mother:- Eva OSBORN - formally COLLINSON
6. Occupation of father:- Horse Driver M.S and L
7. Residence and description of informant:- James OSBORN - 109 Duncombe Street, Grimsby
8. When registered:- 5 May 1874
9. Signature of Registrar:- H. W. Leppington 
James William OSBORN
505 Baptism Date:- 5 May 1872
Forename:- William
Sex:- Male
Father Forename:- Thomas
Mother Forename:- Eliza
Father Surname:- PARSONS
Mother Surname:- PARSONS
Abode:- Great Carlton
Father Occupation:- Waggoner 
William Collinson PARSONS
506 Ruairdh Greig writes
Alexander Pattillo is from Cairnie, near Huntly in Aberdeenshire. It is the nearest village to Sinsharnie, the farm occupied by our ancestor Andrew Pattillo, father of Helen, who married John Cramond and moved to Peterhead. He was a "Square Wright", which as I understand it, was a furniture maker. He has the distinction of having a criminal record, having spent 6 months in Aberdeen jail for grievous bodily harm - he stabbed a neighbour in a dispute over the funds of the local Friendly Society. 
Alexander PATTILLO
507 There appears to a problem regarding his date of death. This is clearly marked as 1848 on the tombstone, yet he appears on the 1851 census, aged 61. Alexander PATTILLO
508 Although Alan Pattillo makes the link in "Past and Present Company" (London, 2000)pp.62-63 and elsewhere, there is no documentary link between the Andrew born in Perthshire and the one that dies in Cairnie.  Andrew PETULLIE
509 This should, I think, be treated with caution. There is no documentary link between the Andrew born in Perthshire and the Andrew that dies at Cairnie. Andrew PETULLIE
510 Name changed on settling in England Fanny PHILLIPS
511 Note from Lesley Prais:-

A declaration from the Rabbi of Otchakov that Itsek (Isaac) Yaovlevitch Petrushinsky and his wife Etty had a baby girl Feiga Ita on 28 May 1900. She was my grandmother known as Fanny. 
512 Name changed on settling in England Isaac PHILLIPS
513 Name changed on settling in England Lena PHILLIPS
514 Name changed on settling in England Sara PHILLIPS
515 Note from Lesley Prais

Declaration from the rabbi of Otchakov (Odessa area) that Itsek and Etty had a daughter Sura Riaza on 27 February 1903. This certificate was for military purposes--probably exemption. Sura is Sarah or Sadie, Pauline's mother. 
516 Odessa Oblast, also written as Odesa Oblast is an oblast (province) of south-western Ukraine. The administrative center of the oblast is the city of Odessa. Sara PHILLIPS
517 One hour old. Kaylene Shelly PLUNKET
518 Name is sometimes POYNTS, sometimes POYNTZ and sometimes POINTS Charles POINTS
519 Name is sometimes POYNTS, sometimes POYNTZ and sometimes POINTS Charles William POYNTS
520 Father's Occupation Clerk Walter Ernest PRATT
521 ref Mar qtr 1870 aged 34 Manchester, England 8d 295 James PRIOR
522 Parentage not identified, but the following to be noted
Witnesses at marriage
Thomas Betts & Mary Turner
Ann Betts bapt to Robert & Ann of Holton Le Moor 18.08.1793
523 Census 1901, 1881, 1891 Annie RAW
524 ref mar qtr 1937 aged 60 Coventry, England 6d 986 Annie RAW
525 From Janet Raws Tree David RAW
526 From Janet Raws Tree Elizabeth RAW
527 1841C Church Rd. Prestwich George RAW
528 Witness James Raw, Son George RAW
529 1841,1851C Tyson St, Crumsall,1861,1871 James RAW
530 ref ? Mar qtr 1873 aged 72 Manchester, England 8d 319 James RAW
531 Census 1881, 1891, 1871 John RAW
532 From Janet Raws Tree John RAW
533 ref Dec Qtr 1893 aged 59 Salford, 8d 80 John RAW
534 Possible witness at Sarah's marriage, not sure if born Prestwich or Crumpsall Mary Ann RAW
535 From Janet Raws Tree Nancy RAW
536 From Janet Raws Tree Peggy RAW
537 1841C living with Great Aunt Alice Grimshaw
1851C with illigit-children John 1, Elizabeth 8. William 6 was staying with gparents James and Maria, but shown as son in 1851C and G/son on 1861C 
Sarah RAW
538 Married George Nuttall 29 Aug 1852 and had more children Sarah RAW
539 Source of info Janet Chard Sarah RAW
540 From Janet Raws Tree Thomas RAW
541 1851C living in Spring Side, Kersley, Lancashire along with Daughter Tabothy and husband Thomas Fielding, His son Thomas and wife Margaret and His daughter Matilda William RAW
542 Janet Raw source of relationship William RAW
543 Not proven link to Mary Underwood - family search Martha RHODES
544 IGI not proven Richard RHODES
545 Bridesmaid, Wedding of Douglas Lewis and Katie Roberts 5th April, 1940 Eirlys Mary ROBERTS
546 Richard Roberts's funeral was "men only"! Richard ROBERTS
547 Census 1881, 1891 Annie ROBINSON
548 ref Dec qtr 1896 aged 59 Salford 8d 78 Annie ROBINSON
549 Frances was the informant on her mother's death certificate in 1909 and she was living at Chelmsford, Essex. Frances E ROLLO
550 No:- 276
1. When and Where died:- 27 Nov 1948 - 7 Albion Terrace, Cartergate, Grimsby
2. Name and surname:- Ellen COLLINSON
3. Sex:- Female
4. Age:- 80 years
5. Occupation:- wife of Arthur Goodhand COLLINSON - Corn Merchant's Manager
6. Cause of death:-
Ia. Congestive Heart Failure
b Myocardial Ischaemea
II. Senility

7. Residence and description of informant:- A.G.COLLINSON - widower of above - 7 Albion Terrace, Cartergate, Grimsby
8. When registered:- 29 November 1948
9. Signature of Registrar:- H.C.Ireland
Ellen ROSE

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